“Heart - we believe in what we do”

We Rahba Jadida are a group of companies; Benghazi Eljadida for Import Food Products, Benghazi Libya, Tibisti InterTrade, Ndjamena, Chad, Auddco Soap & Detergent, Cairo, Egypt. We have experience for more than 20 years of trading from different continents like Asia, Europe and Africa etc. We are importers and distributors of various food products & Baby diapers. We also export products of Auddco such as Soap & Detergents in various countries of Arab (Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia & Yemen), While in African countries like (Chad, Cameron, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia). We import various food products such as juices, cakes, biscuits, rice, wheat, tuna, cooking oil, evaporated milk, tea (black & green), tomato paste etc. from Europe & Asia and then distribute them to different countries of Africa.

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Our History

Rahba Jadida has experienced continued growth from the beginning and is today a respected young company in the field of food. This growth originated from our emphasis on an organic approach to expanding the business, together with our proven capabilities in acquisitive growth.

Rahba Jadida seeks to subscribe to the values of good corporate governance as set out in the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct embodied in the “King III” report.

The Rahba Jadida Audit Committee consists of members of the Board of Directors of Rahba Jadida and has a minimum of two members. The Audit Committee has as members, one Rahba Jadida Non-Executive Director and one Executive Director. The Audit Committee of each subsidiary business consists of Rahba Jadida Executive Director and at least one other Executive Director of the subsidiary business.

A Non-Executive Director of Rahba Jadida chairs the Remuneration Committee of Rahba Jadida and each Rahba Jadida subsidiary.


To be the leading international group in the field of FMCG products. We are committed to ‘’Quality first’’ in all aspects of our business practices.

In support of our Vision, we intend to meet our internal objectives in the following key areas:

1. Brand sustainability and leadership
2. Product efficacy and delivery
3. Customer satisfaction
4. Sustainable long-term alliances with principals
5. Retail partnerships, with an emphasis on creating winning, mutually beneficial relationships
6. People development and cultural alignment
7. Strong financial performance


We are passionate to lead trading and FMCG companies in Arab, Africa and Europe by providing the best quality products.

The objectives of the Company may best be described through the following four corners of responsibility, namely:

1. To achieve the objectives of our Principals by maintaining the integrity and image of their brands whilst at all times representing them to the best of our ability.
2. To provide the highest possible standards of service to our customers.
3. To seek to be an employer of choice by attracting and retaining the highest caliber of staff through good working conditions.
4. To ensure our company achieves, maintains and grows adequate levels of profitability.